We have come a long way...

  K-12 food courts have changed so much over the last 10 years. Now, they are filled with a variety of seating, logos, and colors. School nutrition menus are always evolving and improving. Shouldn’t the same be said for furniture and signage inside the K-12 food court? Modernize your next school with AmTab! 🎉🎉

That's a wrap on the Spring AmTab K-12 Symposium 🎬

  What a fantastic two-day event filled with networking, learning, and a lot of fun! The focus on small groups really allows this symposium to stand out compared to other events. Being able to see award-winning furniture, signage, graphics, and decor in person is an experience you're not able to get at your typical events…

If you’re interested in networking and enhancing the school nutrition experience for your district, keep an eye out for our fall symposium. You don’t want to miss it!

Classroom seating doesn't get better than this! 😎

AmTab's ErgoEngage Chairs provide students with the following:   🌟 Cloud Cushion Seat 🌟 Biophilic & Ergonomic Design 🌟 Front, Back, & Side Seating Positions The AmTab ErgoEngage Chairs will actively help increase student engagement inside the classroom…..

Modernize your next K-12 Food Court with AmTab! 🎉

What a night and day difference here! 💥

Out with the old, outdated tables. In with the modern, popular, and fun new furniture. This K-12 Food Court received a much-needed improvement in the form of seating variety, school colors, and school logos on the tables….

Modernize your next K-12 Food Court with AmTab! 🎉