Merry Christmas from your friends at AmTab!🎄

AmTab had a great time at our office Christmas party last week!

Sending warm wishes to you and your family during this Christmas season. May your home be blessed with love and happiness!


AmTab Fall K-12 School Nutrition Symposium

What. An. Event. 🔥🔥🔥

AmTab hosted a K-12 Symposium that included over 20 school nutrition professionals from across the country.

It was a day full of learning, networking, and building valuable friendships with school nutrition professionals. We would like to thank all the amazing school nutrition professionals who joined this event. Without you, none of this would be possible.

Again thank you to everyone that participated in the event! 👏👏👏





“This is a wonderful food court transformation that students are thrilled to be apart of!”

“This is a wonderful food court transformation that students are thrilled to be apart of!”


Warm weather is right around the corner as summer is fast approaching! It’s great to reflect upon better days that are coming this summer. Throughout the last year and half it’s been extremely challenging for all school nutrition professionals dealing with the pandemic. Better days are ahead for all us and to celebrate we wanted to highlight a few projects that recently were completed.


The difference between these two photos is night and day! The addition of logo tables, colors, and increased seating variety play a big major role for students. Students at this school get the opportunity to enjoy their delicious school meals in a modern, popular, and fun food court. This food court specifically acts as a getaway to where they can whine down from school and forget about everything. This new food court has the same effect as us going to our favorite restaurant. We all look forward to going and enjoying the atmosphere, food, and company at our favorite local restaurant. Food courts like the one featured below allow students to experience the exact same!