Mobile EZ-Tilt


AmTab’s mobile folding tables are used every day throughout the world in multi-purpose environments.  Our high-quality state-of-the-art tables are safe, durable, easy to operate, and a great long-term value.  All AmTab mobile folding tables are 100% Made in the USA, UL certified, ANSI/BIFMA certified, MAS Green certified, and have a 15 year warranty.  Our tables are perfect for heavy-use and heavy-turn settings providing years of trusted service.

* Affordable Long-Term Value
* 100% Made in the USA
* 15 Year Warranty
* UL Certified
* ANSI/BIFMA Certified
* MAS Green Certified
* Patent Protected
* Custom High-Speed Gas Cylinder Stabilizer Assist For Long-Lasting Opening And Closing Functions
* 14 Gauge Steel Construction
* Spring-Loaded T-Autolock
* One-Piece Top Provides Flexibility And Style
* Custom Dyna-Grip Glides For Extra-Wide, High- Impact, Non-Marking, Load-Bearing Floor Protection
* Wide Heavy-Duty Double-Ball-Bearing Non-Marking Swivel Casters For Strength And Easy Movement
* Compact Nesting And Storage As Tops Folds
* Safety, Quality & Durability, Ease Of Operation, And Value For Your Investment


EZ-tilt Mobile Tables — table height 29″ standard/ 27″ ht. available

MRZT48 48″ Round 48″x20½”x70″ 29″ 130
MRZT4842 48″ Round 21″x 48″x 96 42″ 135
MRZT60 60″ Round 60″x20½”x70″ 29″ 130
MSQZT60 60″ Square 60″x20½”x70″ 29″ 135
MHXZT60 60″ Hexagon 60″x20½”x70″ 29″ 132
MOCZT60 60″ Octagonal 60″x20½”x70″ 29″ 132
MOVZT72 60″ x 72″ Oval 72″x20½”x70″ 29″ 138
CB2448 24″x48″ Rectangle 20″x48″x36″ 29″ 60
CB2460 24″x60″ Rectangle 20″x60″x36″ 29″ 64
CB2472 24″x72″ Rectangle 20″x72″x36″ 29″ 110
CB2484 24″x84″ Rectangle 20″x84″x36″ 29″ 125
CB2496 24″x93″ Rectangle 20″x93″x36″ 29″ 140
CB3060 30″x60″ Rectangle 20″x60″x36″ 29″ 120
CB3072 30″x72″ Rectangle 20″x72″x36″ 29″ 72
CB3084 30″x84″ Rectangle 20″x84″x36″ 29″ 150
CB3096 30″x96″ Rectangle 20″x96″x36″ 29″ 160
CB3660 36″x60″ Rectangle 20″x60″x42″ 29″ 120
CB3672 36″x72″ Rectangle 20″x72″x42″ 29″ 135
CB3684 36″x84″ Rectangle 20″x84″x42″ 29″ 150
CB3696 36″x96″ Rectangle 20″x96″x42″ 29″ 160


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One-Piece Top

EZ-Tilt flexible, seamless top allows for quick, easy cleaning before, during, and after dining

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Spring Loaded T-Autolock

Spring loaded T-Autolock ensures top stays safely locked in ready-to-use position

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1. Open

Smoothly lower table from vertical storage position into flat open position until spring loaded T-Autolock firmly engages onto table with a click

2. Close

Simultaneously pull spring loaded T-Autolock and lift table top, then fold vertically for safe storage

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3. Compact Storage

EZ-Tilt tables nest easily and compactly

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Balanced Construction

A well-balanced, strong underside with 14 gauge steel construction keeps table flat and sturdy for years of service

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Special High-Speed Gas Cylinder

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Colors and Finishes

Standard Laminate Colors

Burgundy                          Cherry                           Green                          Navy                     Purple


Light Yellow                     Walnut                     White Ash                   Geo White                   Yellow


Maple                               Nepal Teak                      Oak                       Orange                    Hunter Green

Gray Glace                     Gray Nebula                     Red                           Blue


Standard Dyna-Rock Edge

Red                                      Gray                        Burgundy                       Brown                   Blue


Black                                    Beige

Standard Metal Finish Options

Beige                             Metallic Titanium               Black                  Metallic Champagne           Brown



Upgrade Chrome Finish


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